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Order for @itxzxel

Order for @itxzxel

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Aura Druzy Cluster - 23C

Pyrite Sphere - 20

OJ Sphere - 85A

Prasiolite Tower - 13E

Lavender RQ Sphere - 20B

Malachite (Dm order) - 34


4 Weeks Payment Plan:

1 - $48.75

2 - $48.75

3 -  $48.75

4 -  $48.75

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Payment Plan for itxzxel starting 11/24/2020 and will be due weekly / every exact 7 days. 

You are eligible for a payment plan due to exceeding $150.00. You will have to pay a 25% non-refundable down payment of your TOTAL invoice for the first payment. In the next 7 days after the initial payment, you will have to pay another 25% for the second payment. The 7 days after that is another 25% and the 7 days after that will be the remaining 25%. Once you paid off your invoice, then the products will be ship to you. It is your responsibility to pay off the invoice and kept track of the date. If payments are missed and more than 24 hours have gone by, your invoice is automatically canceled and the 25% non-refundable down payment and any deposits will be kept as restocking fee. If you agree to this term and conditions, please make your payment. Thank you.